Her Parents - Happy Birthday

Her Parents - Happy Birthday
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This 12-track whirlwind feels like the sonic equivalent of a Chris Morris TV show.

Label: Alcopop
Released: 13th May 2013
Reviewer: Tomas Doyle
To get this out of the way, apparently some of Her Parents used to be in Glaswegian sextet and ‘best named band in history’ Dananananaykroyd – unfortunately the two acts sound nothing alike, so cast that piece of information from your mind like the useless bunkum that it is. Instead focus on this – with ‘Happy Birthday’ the quickfire follow up to their debut full-length ‘Physical Release’ Her Parents have produced an album full of the charm, verve and jocular spirit that ‘punk’ feels so devoid of in 2013. Not only that but it is possesed of the rattling, spit n sawdust feel of a band who genuinely do not give one solitary fuck (it is worth noting that this is a very different feeling to a band who like to pretend to not give a fuck but actually are well practiced, preening narcissists).

While one hesitates to ever describe a band as ‘witty’ this 12-track whirlwind feels like the sonic equivalent of a Chris Morris TV show. Songs like ‘Cunt Dinosaur’, ‘You’re Dead’ and the brilliantly bizarre-o ‘I Live in a Tree’ drag you into Her Parents’ surreal little world with expeditious style (only three of the songs on offer here last over 2 minutes, if you please). That said, this is far from being just a grindy joke record, there are catchy choruses to go alongside the frenetic pace. ‘Lithuanian Mercedes’ in particular sounding like the Arctic Monkeys might if they had taken a load of class A’s and were totally uninvested in society.

The crackling garage production and scratchy, unhinged vocals are at times reminiscent of the sadly defunct Shitty Limits but while there is something inherently more playful about Her Parents, there is also something more experimental. They are not scared to get off the beaten track as they do with the a cappella close vocal harmonies of closer ‘Personal Christmas’ which builds to a half time breakdown announcing “Happy Birthday / Fuck you”. What’s not to love?

The best thing about Her Parents’ though is that they feel decidedly out on a limb, doing what they want and seemingly deliberately confounding expectations one might have about the band from a brief glance at its members’ pedigree. On ‘Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off’ they announce that they are “declaring war on bellends” and with ‘Happy Birthday’ they are doing so in fine style. It would be great if this record found its way into the ears of some actual punk fans and not just indie pseuds because plenty of people could learn an awful lot from wrapping their ears around this little gem of an album.
Rating: 8/10
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