La Sera - Sees The Light

La Sera - Sees The Light
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By the end of the 10 tracks you just want to slide Goodman a shot of whisky and tell her to man up.

Label: Hardly Art
Released: 26th March 2012
Reviewer: Digby Bodenham
Out there somewhere in the after thoughts of indie rock there has to be a support group for the exes of singer-songwriters. The discarded lovers of Adele, Lana Del Rey and Bon Iver who have to endure having their relationships recounted on repeat in offices and coffee shops across the world. And it seems that Katy Goodman of the Vivian Girls wants to add another member to their ranks with ‘Sees The Light’, her first album released as La Sera.

The problem with dedicating almost an entire record to a break-up is that it has to make you want to side with the singer, but in Goodman’s case you can’t. The break-up doesn’t seem bad enough to analyse over the LP’s 30 minutes, however much she returns to the subject. By the end of the 10 tracks you just want to slide her a shot of whisky and tell her to man up and forget about the guy.

Which is a shame, because the songs are all well-constructed retromania rock and roll numbers. The soundtrack to an amicable break-up, plaid dresses and Beyond Retro tote bags; enough to entertain any Vivian Girls fan, even if these tracks lack some of the tautness and drive of Goodman’s primary band. With a bit of diversification in theme the album could have been a showcase for Goodman’s talents, but instead the lyrics dwell on mid-twenties heartbreak.

Actually, forget about the whisky. Any act considering writing about a breakup should first listen to Black Tambourine’s ‘For Ex-Lovers Only’, realise they’re unlikely to write a better song on the subject and move on.

'Sees The Light’ is a decent solo effort, but for the casual observer it might be worth saving your currency for the next Vivian Girls record.
Rating: 6/10
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