Lemonade - Diver

Lemonade - Diver
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With ‘Diver’, Lemonade have made their defining statement to the world.

Label: True Panther Sounds
Released: 18th June 2012
Reviewer: Jack Parker
With ‘Diver’, Lemonade have made their defining statement to the world. Not just because the record sounds, in places, rather triumphant but because a lot of the songs are solid hits in the making. The record veers from rather scatter-brained beat patterns to more laid back sonic-seducers. Its definitive elements being the synth-induced soars, the chopped up human cries and the ice cold croon.

Like all good R’n’B, this album is a tad bipolar. At some points it’s happy with its lover, at other times, not so happy. Previously released ‘Neptune’ is still the most directly melancholic moment of the album. But through repeated listens, more highlights worm their way out.

Fresh takes on R’n’B manifest themselves in musicians minds all the time. And yet a lot of the time, they are so busy trying to make something new that they forget what makes R’n’B so soulful in the first place. Lemonade ever so slightly bend the boundaries of the B. This means that the record sounds new without challenging our tiny minds too much.
Rating: 8/10
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