Sia - Lady Croissant

Sia - Lady Croissant
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Live albums are always a bit, well, redundant to all but adoring fans. This is once again proved here.

Label: EMI
Released: 7th May 2007
Reviewer: Stuart McCaighy
The second full-length release from Sia is the inexplicably titled 'Lady Croissant'. The part-time Zero 7 vocalist has already earned herself a solid reputation as a solo artist, and here she showcases her abilities in the live setting.

But first, rather bizarrely, she opens her live album with a brand new studio song. But hey, 'Pictures' is a gently considered delight of a song with an early Cardigans feel about it, so who's complaining?

The rest of the album, however, is an entirely different prospect. It takes no time at all to work out that Sia is a specialist in the kinds of songs that start tentatively and build to an almost overwrought string-heavy conclusion, her strong and versatile vocals matching every step of the way. 'Don't Bring Me Down' is goosebump-inducing with its resonant vocals and cello, giving what is ultimately an intimate song a grand feel. 'Blow It All Away' also excels; the tender guitar and mournful piano giving a masterclass in emotionally-charged music.

Far too often on this album, sadly, does Sia repeat, time and again, this well-worn method of slowly bringing a song to, ahem, climax. 'Numb' and 'Lentil' are prime examples, both are intricately woven, ambitious songs, but there's nothing especially different about them, nor do they capture the imagination in the way that they ought. There's not much diversity on offer generally, and she has an unfortunate tendency to overindugle the inevitable freedom that performing live offers; almost slurring her words and making lyrics incomprehensible. The Pretenders' 'I Go To Sleep' also gets the Sia treatment, and is an entirely superfluous addition to the album.

This is a glossy, superbly performed live album, albeit one with shades of repetition and overly evocative vocals. Live albums are always a bit, well, redundant to all but adoring fans. This is once again proved here.
Rating: 5/10
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