Exclusive: Listen: Her Parents - Happy Birthday


Hear the second album from members of Dananananaykroyd, Stairs To Korea and Internet Forever.

Posted 7th May 2013, 12:19pm in Features

If you're a fan of noisy, slightly left-of-centre indie-punk bands, Her Parents are an exciting prospect. Featuring members of Dananananaykroyd, Stairs To Korea and Internet Forever, the brash four-piece are on the verge of releasing their second album.

Due out on 13th May, 'Happy Birthday' was recorded in a single session with no instrumental overdubs, and you can hear it in its entirety below, streaming exclusively on DIY a week pre-release.

"Happy Birthday' is our second album," bassist Sean Clothier tells us, "but the first we managed to sneak some Icelandic lyrics and backing vocals of footballers' names in, so it feels like a watershed. All the music was recorded in a single session and masterfully produced by our very own 'wee cally'.

"It's released by the beautiful and fierce Alcopop!, so we decided to throw our other record 'Physical Release' on the B Side because Times Are Tough and all that. It's out on the 13th of May, the day that Robert Pattinson, Yaya Touré and that one who played Sonia off Eastenders celebrate their birthday, so consider it a gift to them."

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