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The Pond guide us through their self-titled release with an exclusive stream.

Posted 21st May 2012, 2:06pm in Features, by Harriet Jennings

The Pond will be releasing their forthcoming eponymous LP next week, so we asked the band to put us together the below track by track guide with words from Kathryn, Simon and Ginny, along with an exclusive stream to boot. Magic.

1. Carved
Simon: I wanted to try to create a deep internal landscape of a disturbed mind.
Kathryn: I wanted to be asking questions. What are we made of? What shapes us? Thought? Emotion? Philosophical ramblings. The second verse is so chewy. I love it.
Ginny: I love playing this guitar riff, being deep inside the song and the groove. I don’t think about what it’s about but simply feel it. The moral liquorice line is my favourite lyric of all time. Kath is a poet.

2. Circle Around A Tree
S: I imagine flowers in your hair with a beaten up old leather bikers jacket and a paisley shirt and Doc Martins.
K: Ginny and me singing this reminds me of being little and singing with my sister. It has a hypnotic loopy feel. It feels like it was discovered rather than written. Like a cave painting, it becomes like a natural phenomenon. Or a psalm or a folk song. It belongs to no one.
G: This was my first shot at womanly rapping. The groove is so sweet and I discovered a real joy in musical speaking. We knew when new things worked when we sent tracks off to Kath in Newcastle and you could hear the whoops of approval. Not every time, but mostly!

3. The River
S: The source is a stream and it burbles and bubbles and twists and turns over rocks and falls until...
K: Writing the words for this felt like putting moving images in my mind. I wanted to put the complex verses next to the simple chorus. When you try to explain or say things to someone you love, it's always so overwhelming it comes out simple.
G: This was a deeply complex song to create with one powerful force driving it through. It features a Pakistani ‘Bapang’, the perfect instrument to transport you to the mountains, the streams full of fish, and the sentiments of this song. It really brings out Kath and my different voices, Kath’s rich gentle tones and my need to yell - the youngest of three sisters. Had to be heard!

4. Pass Us By
S: A walk in the park. Reflecting. Passing the children on swings, the bandstand, the place where we first kissed
K: I wrote the words to this song in a car driving to Glasgow early one morning on tour. The sounds, monotony and the feeling of passing through lives always prompts me to write words. It's a true state of where and who we are. Passing through.
G: We are Little Feat, the harmonies, the groove, just better lyrics! This song is why I sing.

5. The Art Of Doing Nothing
S: Sunday morning under the covers. Half sleep thoughts. The sun coming through the curtains
K: Lying on my back on grass. Watching clouds be more energetic than me. The heat of the sun. Being this passive is a true art.
G: Oh, this is dark to me, the menace of the drums, the strange sweetness, the odd trombones, makes me shiver in fear. I love that feeling.

6. Memory Let Down
S: Of events lurk in dark corners. Did it really happen like that?
K: I wrote these lyrics after a friend I haven't seen In a long while posted something on Facebook about me. Before those comments I'd always thought they were a decent person.
G: Such a familiar feeling, thinking you knew someone and turns out you had it completely wrong. Not nice. A tough song.

7. Bebop
S: At the Hop with Lula. Where is she now I wonder?
K: We jammed round the chorus of a Maccoll Christmas song called 'Ain't That a-Rocking' About baby Jesus?! Then we started singing “be bop a lula”, it was good fun, bringing these rock and roll tunes in. Kirsch just made up this whole story from our vocals. It was a lovely surprise.
G: I loved singing these parts with Kath, randomly, fast, laughing, giggling, on one of her flying visits to our house. I later asked Kirsch to write a rap. He was only 16 and our daughters first boyfriend so he was round our house a lot. Clever boy.

8. Hard Shoulder
G: Ever tried cutting your own umbilical chord? This song was a long slow sawing, trying to remain cheerful and not show the pain to our inevitable breaking free daughter. Many silent tears shed.
K: I just took the road lyrics, of Ginny's and wrote "keep on driving" and "lean on my hard shoulder". Ginny graciously accepted them as part of the song.
S: Imagine how it was during WW2 seeing your children off to somewhere for how long?

9. End Of The Pier
S: Wet Wednesday Whitsun. Claustrophobic clouds. Relentless rain.
K: This is a song about death, about being an alien in a land you don't understand. It's dark. Sometimes I feel for the light switch.
G: Lots of jumping up and down on our kitchen wooden floor! For me this is very Pina Bausch, a German choreographer. She did a great show with tap dancing – the sound of many people slow tap dancing is very powerful. My mum danced with 50 elderly women at Theatre Royal Drury Lane when she was 80. It was huge and big and deep and End Of The Pier.

10. Evening Star
S: Back when Space travel and the Moon were exciting possibilities. There was optimism and hope that technology would bring answers and a better life.
K: Another song about being out of place. A star in the daytime.
G: I feel great comfort from Evening Star, cosy and safe in the bigness of it all. If Grace was little again I would sing this to her. For me, it’s a lullaby.
11. Aim
S: Wear your ambitions lightly and dance without treading on anyone's toes!
K: This was a fun song to play with lyrically. Me and Gin kept thinking up things that would go up. Suffice to say we had a lot of dirty laughing in the studio.
G: This is very romantic song for me as I met Simon when he was playing a lot of salsa and I used to hang out at 3am in hot Latin clubs with hot couples dancing and watch and wait for my bass player....and my first go at nonsense lyrics, creating a meaning simply from the sound of the word. For me, 'Aim' is really sexy!

The Pond's new self-titled album will be released on 28th May via One Little Indian.
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