Los Campesinos!, Electric Ballroom, London

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It’s as if they can’t quite believe the what they’ve achieved...

22nd March 2012, Electric Ballroom, Camden, London / By Wendy Davies
Los Campesinos!, Electric Ballroom, London
Los Campesinos! are a university success story, but not for their academic achievements (although I’m sure these are notable in their own right). After forming at Cardiff University in 2006, these indie popstrels have released four studio albums and had their song 'You! Me! Dancing!' used on a Budweiser advert. The latter of these achievements seems something of a joke to the band, with lead singer Gareth declaring two-thirds of the way through tonight’s set that "everything played from here on in will have been used on a BBC 3 programme at some point."

Despite tonight’s show being held primarily to promote the band’s latest album ‘Hello Sadness’, Los Camp! choose to play an unusually high proportion of songs from previous albums, including ‘There Are Listed Buildings’, ‘Romance Is Boring’, ‘It Started With A Mixx’ and the undeniably infectious ‘You! Me! Dancing!’. Not that we or the rest of the crowd were complaining, as it just meant we could sing along to a higher percentage of the lyrics. We’re also given political advice, with Gareth pleading with us girls to check whether the guy you’re making out with on a night out is a "Tory boy." Another addition to the night-on-the-town checklist, then.

The band are unrelentingly grateful for everything, constantly thanking the crowd for "making the effort" to attend tonight’s show, assuring us that they are regularly "overwhelmed" by the support they receive. It’s as if they can’t quite believe the what they’ve achieved, that they have had success thrust upon them like someone that’s stumbled upon a winning lottery ticket. And that’s why we’re so fond of Los Campesinos! at the DIY office.
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