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Neu: Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs


With nods to art punk and glam rock, Charlie and co. are East London's hottest new prospect.

Posted 12th November 2012, 5:32pm in Neu, by Samuel Cornforth

Name: Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs
Based: London
Listen: The 'I Watch You' single on Heavenly Recordings
Similar to: Television, Toy

Each year a selected bunch East London types become the coolest thing on the planet. There's no exception to the rule. In the past we've had S.C.U.M, The History of Apple Pie and Toy. The latest band to graduate from Rhys Webb’s Cave Club is Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs.

The band have some scuzzy rock pedigree with Boyer an ex member of Electricity in our Homes and Luke Tristram the Advert guitarist, who came onstage to play with The Horrors at Reading Festival 2011 for 'Moving Further Away'. But is there really room for another band, fuelled by old fashioned synthesisers and an elaborate vintage clothes collection? I think so.

Despite Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs sharing similarities with their label mates Toy, the ending to 'I Watch You' is a sprawling competitor to some of Toy’s most noisy outros. There is a refreshing twist to their sound. Their tracks strut with Boyer’s voice sounding remarkably like Television’s Tom Verlaine. Unlike their contemporaries, the sound is much more upbeat with nods to art punk and glam rock bands of old.

Stream 'Be Nice' below:
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