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The Neu Bulletin (4th September 2013)

Florida punks Merchandise head up Neu's daily dose of new music tips.

The Neu Bulletin (4th September 2013)
Posted 4th September 2013, 12:00pm
The Neu Bulletin provides a daily dose of new music tips, all in the name of exposing you to something fresh and exciting.

Every day we offer up a choice show, a song of the day and a little something extra that's caught our attention. Check back here every day for your latest Neu Bulletin delivery.

Merchandise - Sheffield, The Harley Hotel & Bar

Tampa Florida's Merchandise stop off midway through their UK tour at The Harley Hotel & Bar, Sheffield. Fuzz, psych and all the trimmings in the perfect dose.


There's definite method to Orlando duo Tideup's madness. The synth-pop duo avoid convention by essentially playing chamber-music in cave-like surroundings. It's enough to send even the steadiest of bearings skewizz. 'A DANCE IN THE DARK' is the darkest turn to date, with 'Drive'-soundtracking potential to boot. Moody and unwavering, they'd shaken off bedroom roots, have Tideup, and they sound like one mighty prospect.

Die Jungen - Do What You Want

Taken from (somehow) unsigned musical nutjob Die Jungen's collection of early years demos, 'Do What You Want' was recorded late last year. It features "doo-wops", or, in this case, "sha-wa sha-wa" hums, slinking guitar lines and distant, airy vocals belonging to the UK bedroom artist.
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