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Neu: The Wytches


Brighton's most angsty of exports support METZ on a forthcoming tour.

Posted 24th January 2013, 5:00pm in Neu, by Niall Kavanagh

Name: The Wytches
Based: Brighton
Similar to: The Horrors, Sealings

Brighton’s coastal breeze is bitterly chilling at this time of year – to the point where any exposed part of your body becomes completely numb, void of sensitivity, and desperately yearns to feel something. Anything. The remnants of the transatlantic wind make every step along the seafront an arduous endeavour of physical and emotion torment. You didn’t wear enough layers. A car drives past and splashes a puddle all over your suede shoes, seemingly on purpose. Now you’re angry. Enter: The Wytches.

‘Digsaw’ promises an irresistible psychedelic guitar line on top an up-tempo 60’s garage/surf jam. The verses feel haunting, tense and teasingly reserved, which allow the choruses to change the context and really let loose with raw, trashy wailing. Whereas ‘Fragile Male For Sale’ is less violent, more creeping. Its slow head-bobbing pace invites you into an intimate pleasure lounge of dark, sleazy behaviour. I can also imagine some morose, cultureless ‘lad’ donning a Fred Perry shirt with the top button done up saying that the riff sounds like Blur’s ‘Country House’. It doesn’t.
Think first album Horrors without the comicality, the energetic offensiveness of The Cramps produced with the DIY scuzziness of fellow Brightonians Sealings and I think we’re on the money.

The Wytches play the following dates (* = w/METZ)
27 Brighton, Prince Albert (covers set)
31 Brighton, Audio *

01 London, Birthdays *
02 London, Birthdays *
09 Dalston, The Victoria
12 London, Birthdays
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