Jim James Previews New Album With ‘A New Life’

The song is the second to be taken from the My Morning Jacket frontman's forthcoming record.

Posted 11th January 2013, 12:18pm in News, by DIY News Desk
Jim James Jim James - he of My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk 'fame' - is set to release new album, 'Regions of Light and Sound of God' next month.

The record, which features James on both engineering and playing-every-instrument duties, will be out on 4th February via V2.

In explaining the decision to record a solo full-length, James says "I take walks a lot, and as I walk, songs kind of build in my mind, and I start adding and subtracting things. So I had a full vision for a lot of the songs on this album before I even recorded one note."

"I’m very lucky to play in a band with guys that I love, who are great at what they do, so on MMJ records, I don’t have a need to play bass or keys or what have you. But as a person and as a musician, I love to play every instrument under the sun, and I wanted to make a record where I played all the instruments and produced/engineered it myself."

While we've already had the pleasure of hearing one track from the album - six-and-a-half-minute affair 'Know Til Now' was unveiled back in mid-November - he's now sharing a second number, 'A New Life'.

This track was inspired by the 1929 novel 'God's Man' by Lynd Ward, as James explains.

"There’s a scene [in God's Man] where the main character’s like chased out of town and he falls off a cliff and is lost and kind of injured and this woman finds him and nurses him back to health and they fall in love. And they have a child together and they have this new life that’s kind of coming. That had happened to me. Like, I had fallen offstage and gotten injured and gotten super dark and fell in love and all that was happening at the same time I was loving this book. It was like I had this beautiful illustration of what was happening in my life."

'Regions of Light and Sound of God' is released on 4th February via V2.
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