Premiere: Listen: Dead Gaze Shares ‘Runnin’ On The Moon’ Track

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Cole Furlow runs riot with every instrument in sight for his "enormous pop record".

Premiere: Listen: Dead Gaze Shares ‘Runnin’ On The Moon’ Track
Posted 7th October 2013, 1:30pm
Behold: The latest take from Cole Furlow aka Dead Gaze's "enormous pop record", 'Brain Holiday'. It's his first LP proper, following on from a March compilation courtesy of Palmist.

It's tricky to pin down the things new track 'Runnin' On The Moon' doesn't contain. It's chock-full of bright, beaming hooks, amped-up percussion and grand, proud horn sections. It's a genuine shock that it actually comes to an end before the five-minute mark. It's so full of triumph and caught up in its momentum, it wouldn't be blamed for serving up another balmy dose of genre-bending giants.

Furlow mixes harsh, unrestrained electronics with just about every instrument in sight that he can throw into proceedings. "Did I fail to mention?" runs the chorus line, but there's unlikely to be anything that Cole's forgotten to mention in this track.

FatCat Records bring out the 'Brain Holiday' full-length on 21st October (via Palmist on 22nd October in North America).

As premiered on DIY, listen to 'Runnin' on the Moon' below:

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