Second Weezer Cruise A Possibility: “We’re Thinking Of Taking A Different Route”

Band say they have started to plan for a second cruise, but may take a different route.

Posted 16th January 2013, 1:01pm in News, by Elise Cobain
Weezer After the success of Weezer’s cruise last year, the band have said a second voyage could be on the cards.

Speaking to Australian radio station triple J, they revealed: "There's rumour of the Weezer Cruise 2 that we have to start planning for. We're doing everything we can to think about that. We're thinking of taking a different route. Maybe swing around the other side of Cuba."

It's not going to be anytime soon however, with a message on the Weezer Cruise website ( declaring: "The Weezer Cruise won't be sailing in 2013."

The band have also recently spoken to newspaper The Age, with bassist Scott Shriner explaining their enthusiasm for the idea: "When I was told about the cruise, I was like, that's the last thing I want to do. To go out on a boat for five days. And then I got to the boat, and it was only three days, first of all. Second of all, it was amazing! I touched the inner-sailer of myself. I had a blast."

On the cruise's maiden trip - which sailed from Miami to the island of Cozumel off of the Gulf Coast of Mexico, between 19th - 23rd January 2012 - the band took along Dinosaur Jr, Yuck, Wavves and Antlers, amongst others, to support.

Weezer are currently touring around Australia. They've three dates left: Melbourne Sidney Myer Music Bowl (16 January), Sydney Entertainment Centre (19), Perth Arena (23).
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