Summer Camp Get Personal With Album Number Two

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Summer Camp have unveiled some loose details about their forthcoming second album.

Posted 13th December 2012, 1:00pm in News, by Gareth Ware
Summer Camp Summer Camp have unveiled some loose details about their forthcoming second album, the follow-up to their debut full-length 'Welcome To Condale' and this year's 'Always' EP.

During a recent phone call to DIY, Elizabeth Sankey spoke of the challenges they're facing in the as-yet unnamed follow-up's creation: "I'm finding it difficult to work out what I want it to sound like, and whether we want it to be like the first album but hopefully a bit better, or to just try something totally different."

Sonics aside, the record seems to be a lot less concept-based than its predecessor; a factor that doesn't seem to come wholly naturally for the duo. “We don't want it to be concept-y. We want it to be more personal, and about us and our experiences of being in a band in 2012 and 2013. I find it difficult to sing about things that are important to me or things that have happened but I also think it's something that's really important to do.“

And when should we expect their sophomore? Well, early signs are indicating it'll be right on time for festival season: "We were going to try and get it out early next year but now there's someone who we really want to work with on it and he's a bit busy right now. It'll definitely be out next year but I suspect it'll be more towards summer rather than early part of it."

Read Summer Camp's full interview on DIY tomorrow (Friday 14th December).
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