Watch: Crystal Stilts Unveil Video For ‘Star Crawl’


Love of all things 'Nature' and 'Noir' is showcased by the Brooklyn group.

Posted 4th September 2013, 5:38pm in News, by Jamie Milton
Watch: Crystal Stilts Unveil Video For ‘Star Crawl’ Brooklynites Crystal Stilts took a step into the great outdoors to record the video for 'Star Crawl'.

Their latest video is all about nature, which links nicely into the group's new album title, 'Nature Noir', which arrived on 16th September. The grunge-indebted blast that surges through the speakers is, apparently, indebted to all things outside.

"We took off one morning to go capture random sweeping scenes. Rivers and valleys, trees and ponds… in a word, nature. I guess the album has that feel as opposed to the earliest Crystal Stilts material, which could refer to the cities, the subways, thoughts and frustrations that are kept inside oneself," the band said about the video.

Watch Crystal Stilts' 'Star Crawl' below.

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