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Watch: Outfit Air ‘I Want What’s Best’ Video


Progressive disco types' new video features a Liverpudlian, bronze man.

Watch: Outfit Air ‘I Want What’s Best’ Video
Posted 20th June 2013, 6:03pm
Outfit have pulled the curtains back on their video for 'I Want What’s Best', featuring their favourite street artist Liverpudlian John A.

Taken from their debut album 'Performance' – which is due out 11th August via Double Denim Records – 'I Want What’s Best' is a rhythmic and hypnotic piece of progressive disco, guiding your various limbs into awkward repetitive movements until you’re doing that thing some people like to call ‘dancing’.

Sure, it’s tinged with synth pop and psychedelic elements, but the real highlights are the crystalline vocal delivery and John A.’s superb performance as a bronze man in the street.

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