Charlie Ashcroft (8th February 2012)

Presented by Charlie Ashcroft
Charlie's wrapped up in winter clothing this evening, looking ahead to the new releases from Breton, Ajimal and Evian Christ. There's also something absolutely brutal from Devastat0r to finish off the mix this week!


Admiral Fallow - Beetle In The Box
Hospitality - Friends Of Friends
Grand Resort - Microscopic
Friends - Feelin' Dank
Lux - The Window
Worship - Collateral
Sound Of Guns - Sometimes
Teen Daze - Brooklyn Sunburn
Nneka - My Home (Coki's Digital Mystikz Remix)
Vision Of Trees - Deeper Than Sleep
Pond - Moth Wings
Access Royale - Hide
My Best Fiend - Higher Palms
Carnivals - Ino (Parts 1 & 2)
Fossil Collective - Without A Fight (Dark Dark Horse Remix)
Ghost Estates - October
Peter & Kerry - Clothes, Friends, Photos
Fire Island Pines - Carpathian Elegy
Young Astronaut - Hey Little Ghost
Shake Aletti - Lights & Sparks
The Ramona Flowers - Dismantle & Rebuild
Evian Christ - MYD
Breton - Interference
Tiger Waves - I Hope You'll Feel Alright
The White Album - Guns & Ammunition
Ajimal - Footnote To Love (Part One)
St. Spirit - Pigeon
Delilah - Love You So (Joe Goddard's Dub You So Mix)
Devastat0r - Just Wann'a Dub You
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