Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler - Spoiler Free Review


The Doctor returns with an episode packed with spoilers. We attempt to avoid them all.

Posted 15th August 2011, 9:41pm in TV, by Stephen Ackroyd

Doctor Who has long sat in the higher echelons of 'event television', but the primal howls of frustration when the Time Lord tipped his fez and took a couple of months leave mid season probably registered with even the dopiest Dalek. This wasn't children crying that their favourite show wouldn't be on next week, but suitably cynical adults whose Saturday nights had just been ruined.

Leaving us with both a reveal and a cliff-hanger everyone and nobody saw coming, it phworped into the temporal sunset with every central relationship flipped firmly on it's head. Yes; she is their daughter, and yet perhaps she's his wife? So that makes them... what exactly?

If that's what your head's been spinning over this summer, then you'll be expecting pay off. And what a pay off it is. Let's Kill Hitler doesn't waste time easing the audience back, but rather pushes them down a mine shaft with a couple of kitchen sinks for good measure. Not a criticism, you understand - we're back with a deafening bang.

New faces, familiar faces, new familiar faces - even a fresh companion (sort of) - any expectations are firmly locked away within the first ten minutes. What follows is a rewriting of what you thought you knew, and a few things you didn't. From nods to the recent past to more than a touch of foreshadowing of the inevitable future, to say more would spoil, but those signature moments Moffat's Who does so well are present in abundance.

And to come? Well, there's a hint - and these things rarely are as they seem - that show runners tell lies. We know we're heading back to that lake where The Doctor meets his end, but there are questions to be answered on the way. And, it seems, questions about questions. Welcome back your Saturday nights of communal awe - that show on the other channel doesn't stand a chance.

Doctor Who will return on BBC One later this month.
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