Mad Men Comes To Sky Atlantic


Sky Atlantic set to air double episode of Mad Men Season 5 March 27th.

Posted 20th February 2012, 4:51pm in TV

Thanks to Sky Atlantic viewers in the UK will only have a two day wait after our American cousins catch their first glimpse of Man Men Season Five.

Set to air on March 27th at 9pm, the seemingly never ending wait for new Mad Men will soon be at an end and we can find out if Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has indeed re-married after a hasty marriage proposal to his secretary Megan at the end of Season Four and what has become of pregnant Joan (Christina Hendricks) and baby daddy Roger (John Slattery).

The men and women of advertising company Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have some changes in store for them according to creator, writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner, "There are some new people. Changes have happened off screen, and the audience will have to catch up with that. Even though Don ended up making this overture to Megan, and the audience felt sort of peculiar about it, so did the people in the office. That's something that we play on."

We were lucky enough to attend the Bafta interview with Hamm last week where he revealed as much as he dared about the upcoming Season as well as confirming that the show will continue for a further two.

Opening with a double episode the US network AMC have released a short teaser of Don Draper from Season Five which you can view on Deadline.
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