M.I.A - Bring The Noize

A dissonant, bewitching single that bristles with a sense of thrilling danger.

Posted 20th June 2013, 3:05pm in Track Reviews, by Martyn Young

For any hip-hop artist the phrase ‘Bring The Noise’, as popularised by Public Enemy, has incendiary connotations. For M.I.A her ’Bring The Noize’ represents a supreme burst of energy and vibrancy marking a return from the label politics that have delayed the release of her long-awaited fourth album ‘Matangi’

‘Bring The Noize’ is a striking piece of dark, dense and clangourous hip-hop, full of sampled sounds grating against each other, harsh street tough beats and gnarled rough hewn, jumped up aggression. There are little nuances or subtlety at work here.

Lyrically, M.I.A sounds fevered and energised. The main hook is an oblique clarion call of "Bring the noize when we run upon them." As well as offering a rousing call to arms, the song features some customary political commentary as she succinctly seems to address the Wikileaks organisation that she has referenced in the past by starkly crying, “Truth is like a rotten tooth, you’ve got to spit it out!"

The darker aspect of the lyrics is perhaps emphasised in the closing minute where sees the tempo drop out completely as she delivers a spooked out sung coda professing that “Freedom is just another word, nothing left to lose.”

‘Bring The Noize’ certainly lacks the hooks and pop sensibilities of last year’s excellent ‘Bad Girls’. But, together with long-time producer Switch M.I.A has created a dissonant, bewitching single that bristles with a sense of thrilling danger.

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