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  • Rio 2

    Serves up just enough light-hearted delights for family audiences to enjoy.

    Posted 6 days ago

  • The Quiet Ones

    Hammer's latest spookfest is effectively chilling.

    Posted 6 days ago

  • Pioneer

    A claustrophobic Silkwood for the noughties with a blisteringly compelling central performance from Aksel Hennie.

    Posted 7 days ago

  • Noah

    It’s hard to pin down which audiences will be rushing to see Aronofsky’s bold adaptation, but it’s worth seeking out if only to join the post-viewing debate.

    Posted 12 days ago

  • 20 Feet From Stardom

    "Nobody could deny that these unsung heroes of the music business deserve their moment in the spotlight."

    Posted 20 days ago