DIY Radio: How To Listen

Find out how to tune in.

DIY Radio

Via The Player

The easiest way to listen to DIY Radio is via our on site player. You can launch that as a pop up, allowing you to continue to browse the internet uninterrupted, by clicking here

Via The iPhone App

You can also listen to DIY Radio via our iPhone app, which you can download here. Simply head into the 'Listen' section and you'll find both a live stream and the chance to listen again to previous shows.

There are a few issues with the stream if you're running iOS5 beta - we recommend downloading the TuneIn Radio app from the app store and searching for 'DIY Radio' if you have any problems.

Via iTunes

If you're having problems with both of the above, you can find DIY Radio in iTunes. Check under 'Alternative Rock' in the Radio section.

Alternatively, you can manually add us to your library. To do that, simply download this file and open it via the programme, or copy the URL, pasting it into Advanced > Open Stream.